Unique Opportunity for Teachers

Teacher helping student

As the world tentatively emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, many education professionals are re-examining their lives and employment in entirely new ways. Disruptions to learning have created concerns for educators and parents. Teachers are seeking rewarding ways to help students succeed but with more flexibility and autonomy. According to a survey by the EdWeek Research Centre, “when asked about the likelihood that they’ll leave teaching in the next two years, 54 percent of teachers said they are ‘somewhat’ or ‘very likely’ to do so.”

2022 is the ideal time for those teachers to consider investing in a Kumon Math & Reading franchise. Kumon is a time-tested academic enrichment program that not only brings students back to grade-level work but also prepares them for mastering more advanced material with confidence. Through a proven methodology built on reading and math, students develop self-reliance along with lasting academic skills. Learn more about the Kumon Method today. Teachers who own Kumon franchises reap the rewards of the education profession, as well as those of an entrepreneur.

When teacher Christina Mitchell grew tired of classroom behavior issues and having too many students in a class, she began looking for different career options. Her business owner father-in-law gave important advice: Choose something you know about. “My husband heard about Kumon, and I happened to teach a very advanced first-grader who used Kumon at home. I felt like those two things meant something, so we looked into it.” That was 13 years ago, and she is happy she chose to be the owner-operator of Vimont Kumon Centre near Montreal.

The demand for supplemental education is likely to grow, as parents continue to see their children falling behind grade-level from the school disruptions of the past two years. These are the potential Kumon parents of tomorrow, along with those who desire academic enrichment for their children. When they seek assistance for their children, the proven results of Kumon learning will speak for themselves. This increased demand for services creates an ideal market for new franchises.

With more than 25,000 franchises across the globe and 60 years’ experience, Kumon is a successful franchise model made for entrepreneurs who value education and innovation. Many are already familiar with the Kumon Method through their own or other children’s experiences in a Kumon Centre. However, familiarity is not necessary; our franchise owners are immersed in the Kumon Method as part of their orientation. Owners of Kumon Centres are also instructors in their centres, giving them the satisfaction of helping children achieve to their highest potential.

A common trait among Kumon Franchisees is a desire to help students perform to their highest potential and a commitment to data-driven methodologies. “The best part has been the interactions with students and hearing how well they are doing from their parents,” says Mitchell. She shared that she enrolled her own children in Kumon after her training. “I’m glad I did. They’re grown now, but they improved in school and continue to excel in college. I can see the benefits from both sides.“

Kumon is consistently ranked No. 1 in the education category by Entrepreneur magazine and No. 6 overall on the Franchise 500®. What makes the Kumon brand popular with new entrepreneurs?

  • • Opening a centre requires a lower investment than many franchises. Canadian franchisees are eligible for up to $14,000 in investment incentives to get you started.

    • We provide support from Day One.

    • With global recognition for academic improvement, Kumon Centres can quickly attract motivated families.

    • Unlike tutoring programs, Kumon Centres are designed for ongoing learning, thus having a more stable enrollment.

    • You’ll build relationships and have a positive impact on children in your community.

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