Kumon is Not Tutoring and That’s Great News for Owners

Kumon is an incredible opportunity for owner-operators, whom we refer to as Kumon Instructors. The franchise fee is low and we offer incentives to help you get started. We provide comprehensive training and continued support. And Kumon is NOT a tutoring centre. It’s easy to see why those first reasons are important, but why does the last one matter?

When you hear “tutoring,” what comes to mind? You think about a student who needs a little more one-on-one help with a certain subject or test prep. Tutoring is a quick fix for a short-term problem. Kumon is an ongoing academic enrichment program, equipping students with life skills that will benefit them in school and beyond.

Education franchise owner

Consistent Income Stream

Smart owners want to know about profitability as they explore franchise opportunities. The structure of the Kumon Math and Reading Program lends itself to a sustained revenue stream. While tutoring is a short-term solution, our program is a continuous progression that leads to academic mastery. Each lesson builds on the one before and sets students up for success on lessons that follow.

Students are often able to work beyond grade level, being exposed to content that they might not see in their classrooms. Our program offers continued support as students surpass grade level expectations. Kumon Parents are excited to see their children excel and, therefore, students often stay enrolled for years. Kumon Families are invested in their children’s education and want to ensure long-term academic success, not simply a short-term fix.

Streamlined Content

While a background in education is certainly not a drawback, it is also not a requirement. Kumon Centres focus on academic fundamentals and our instructors (owner-operators) facilitate sessions that encourage students to be independent lifelong learners.

A tutoring centre needs to be prepared to assist students with a wide variety of subjects at all grade levels, often including test prep. Therefore, operating a tutoring centre requires employees who could handle all of the content needs of your students. In addition, you would need employees who are skilled at test prep for university admissions exams as well as end-of-course exams that students take throughout elementary, middle school and high school.

The Kumon Method, along with the resources we provide, helps streamline the content for our franchisees. The training we provide allows you to create an individualized plan for each of your Kumon Students, setting them up for success. This leaves you with happy Kumon Parents and ensures that you have a consistent customer base.

Long Term Student Benefits

At Kumon, we refer to our investors as owner-operators or Kumon Instructors. This is important because it is so much more than an investment opportunity. With a Kumon Centre, you have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children and their families as well as a difference in the greater community as you positively impact children through education.

Families may come to Kumon for help with math or reading, but they stay because of the long-term benefits that the program offers. The Kumon Program is a holistic approach to education that encourages increased student responsibility, organizational skills, problem solving, critical thinking skills and a strong work ethic. Kumon Families want to instill these traits in all their children. So, while you might start with one child from a family, that will often turn into all siblings being enrolled.

In addition to the training, resources and consistent support that we give our Kumon Instructors, it is clear to see why not being a tutoring centre is great news for our owner-operators.

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