Ongoing Support Programs Help Kumon Instructors Build Their Businesses

Whether you’re a former teacher or professional from another field, once you choose to become part of Kumon North America, you receive the full support of a global company that ranks as one of the world’s top franchises.

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That support translates into various facets of starting your own franchise, whether you’re in the U.S. or Canada. From intensive study courses, annual conferences and monthly instructor meetings to marketing materials, instructional sheets and techniques, both new and experienced Kumon instructors are surrounded by a team and provided with tools that support every part of the business.

“For example, through the Kumon branch offices, our staff takes an active role in supporting you both instructionally and in the growth and development of your centre,” says John Collins, Kumon’s vice president of Center Network Development. “Kumon is basically a lifelong learning opportunity for our franchisees. That excites a lot of people.”

The support instructors receive is something that can be expected from an elite franchisor like Kumon. In business for more than 60 years, Kumon has ranked No. 1 in the education category of Entrepreneur magazine’s prestigious Franchise 500® for 21 consecutive years and No. 6 overall for two years. Kumon franchise owners operate more than 26,000 successful centres in more than 50 countries around the world and more than 2,000 centres in the U.S. and Canada.

“We're committed to providing our owners with the training, resources and support to help them thrive,” Collins adds. “You’re never on your own. We are always there to support you.”

After someone qualifies as a potential Kumon franchise owner, they participate in the Kumon Instructor Development Program, which includes two four-day sessions of training held over a two-month period. They also receive hands-on training during a series of centre visits. Those centre visits continue indefinitely.

“This is where our instructors, whether you have prior teaching experience or not, are trained in the Kumon Curriculum and the Kumon Method,” Collins says. “From a support and training aspect, it’s a constant. We never take our foot off the gas. We never back off. If someone needs help and support, we are definitely there for them.

“If they’re coming from a field other than teaching – engineering, sales or whatever their background is – they might feel intimidated or unsure because they don’t have an education background,” he adds. “We provide them with so much ongoing support, they really don’t have to worry about that. You’re never on your own. We are always there with you.”

Instructors are trained how to write lesson plans and how to apply the Kumon teaching method, while also learning how to write a business plan and learn the operations side of the business.

Instructors opening new centres also receive financial incentives for their initial marketing materials. Within the first six months after a centre is open, $2,000 will be spent on your behalf to promote, market and advertise your new centre. The financial support for new centres doesn’t stop there. Those instructors who open new centres are also eligible for about $14,000 in incentives.

While there’s significant assistance and incentives for instructors who are just starting their own centre, the support for instructors doesn’t stop when they open.

“As an instructor, you'll also have the opportunity to attend continuing training, meetings and seminars, which are widely attended by other franchisees who can share their insights and experiences,” Collins says. “These are all free for instructors. We don’t charge anything for any of our trainings. In some instances, we provide a subsidy to help with travel expenses, and in others – like for those selected to attend Summit Squared, who are the best of the best instructors – we cover the entire cost.”

While some of the in-person conferences have been put on hold or held virtually in recent years because of the pandemic, the hope is to eventually return to in-person events. In-person events allow for a greater ability for instructors to network with one another.

Classes, conferences and personalized meetings aren’t the only form of support instructors receive. They also have the benefit of tapping into the expertise of the company’s robust marketing program, including the recently launched new creative campaign.

The campaign, practice makes possibilities™, drives home the tenets of what Kumon aims to achieve for all of its students – mastery of skills, confidence and perseverance. These traits are among the many benefits of regular practice.

“I think the support we give our instructors is really something that sets us apart,” Collins says. “It doesn’t stop after just a couple weeks of training. We are going to be with you the entire time.”

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