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How the Kumon Learning Method began

The Kumon Worksheets are the key to your students’ success.

Kumon is different from other learning programs in that your students will be actively developing critical, self-learning skills as they progress through their Kumon Math and Reading Worksheets. They’ll build a solid grasp of each concept as they successfully solve each worksheet. Here’s how it works:

How does Kumon work day-to-day?

Each student’s daily assignments take about 30 minutes per subject to complete.

Two days a week they complete assignments at your Kumon center, and the other five are done at home.

Your role as a Kumon Instructor

Your primary role as an instructor is to guide, assess and encourage each student to help maximize his or her success.

What to expect

As their instructor, you will continually review each student’s progress as part of grading and evaluating their worksheets. This helps you fine-tune the student’s individual lesson plan, if necessary. The Kumon Program also requires a special commitment on your part, as you should establish an ongoing dialogue with parents to help them stay on top of their child’s progress, goals and motivation.

How do you get new students started

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