Business Opportunity for Experienced School Volunteer

Deepti Tadikamalla

Deepti Tadikamalla enjoyed volunteering in her daughter’s school, but quickly grew frustrated with a learning gap she saw in many of the students as they were promoted from one grade to the next. With her combined love of children and a master’s degree in business administration, she wondered if there might be a business opportunity for experienced school volunteers.

The timing couldn’t have been better. She was already on the hunt for a franchise opportunity for herself when she came across Kumon. After further research, Deepti felt it was the perfect next step in her career. She is now the proud owner and instructor of Kumon Math and Reading Center of Pleasanton – East.

“As a parent of a 10-year-old, I understand the concerns and needs of the parents approaching me,” said Deepti Tadikamalla, instructor of Kumon of Pleasanton – East. “I am confident that I can help local youth feel the difference in their academic independence, while raising their confidence and convincing them they are capable of achieving their dreams.”

When Deepti set out to find the best franchise opportunity for her, Kumon was the best fit for her needs and goals. Becoming a Kumon franchisee is well within reach for many aspiring entrepreneurs with a passion for education. Kumon is an after-school enrichment program that works to unlock each child’s full potential by instilling qualities of academic independence and confidence. Through daily worksheet study, students routinely master materials well beyond their grade level. 

“My goal is to foster a love for math and English from an early age, and be a learning support for community teachers, children and parents,” said Tadikamalla. “Kumon’s individualized approach of helping children achieve and learn beyond their grade level attracted me from the beginning, and I believe it will ensure their academic success.”