Trouble With Learning Loss Creates New Business Opportunity

Susan Tran

When Susan Tran opened the Kumon of Petaluma during the pandemic, she didn’t realize the educational gap that had been created by school closures and learning from home. But from her perspective, students’ trouble with learning loss created a new business opportunity.

“Many of our children this past year have been experiencing trouble with learning loss, a decrease in confidence, and a lack of enthusiasm for learning,” said Susan. “My goal is to help our students elevate their best attributes, guide them towards a path and pattern of success, and show them that they are capable of achieving beyond their expectations.”

Tran graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in psychology, like many young grads, she knew she wanted to pursue work that enriched peoples’ lives. Little did she guess she would one day feel like a “happiness consultant” as she opened her own Kumon Franchise.

Susan joined Kumon five years ago as a reading assistant. She found immense pleasure getting to know each child’s strengths, needs and motivations — and having the tools and knowledge to help create opportunities for them to succeed. With Kumon, success is not just academic, it’s emotional – and Susan could see how her guidance was making both kids and their families happier.

Kumon is not tutoring. It’s an academic enrichment program that aims to unlock kids’ full potential by increasing independence, confidence, and study skills. Kids enrolled in Kumon often end up mastering material far beyond what is expected for their age or grade, bringing a confidence spills over to all sorts of activities.

Kumon Franchisees enjoy the rewards of a meaningful business that allows them to positively impact the future of hundreds of kids. No teaching experience is needed and up to $36,400 in startup assistance is available, along with an extensive network of support to help new franchisees build successful businesses.