Spikes in Enrollment at Kumon Centers

Kumon Learning Centers operate year-round, which provides consistent annual revenue for our franchisees, but as with any business, Kumon sees natural ebbs and flows in enrollment. It is important to anticipate these surges and plan accordingly. With continual support and ongoing training, we help our Kumon owner-operators, or Instructors, capitalize on these enrollment spikes.

franchisee giving a high five to a newly enrolled student

Promos Throughout the Year

Periodically, Kumon offers special incentives for student enrollment. These national marketing efforts benefit our local Kumon Centers, as they always seem to experience spikes in enrollment during these times.

In the spring, a bump in enrollment from our national promotional marketing campaigns coincides with parents wanting to ensure a strong finish to the school year and provide a little extra help to students as they move into testing season. While Kumon is not a tutoring service, Kumon’s holistic approach to critical thinking and mastery through practice sets students up for success in the classroom and beyond.

Most notably, we see a surge in enrollment as the school year begins. Many families take advantage of our free assessment during the summer and sign up as the start of school approaches. Parents want to make sure that their children are on track academically. Given the increased demand for supplemental education as we emerge from the pandemic, we expect these times to get even busier for Kumon Instructors.

Enrollment also increases in the fall. This is when the first quarter ends in many school districts. Parents start to notice areas where students are struggling and turn to Kumon for help. Our proven method of practice to achieve mastery not only helps students get on track but also gives them the tools to excel – often surpassing grade level expectations.

Benefit to Kumon Instructors

Kumon Instructors can take advantage of these natural and predictable spikes and even use them to their advantage. Summer, especially, is a great time to increase local awareness of the Kumon Method and the lifelong benefits it provides students. Leading up to the start of the school year, as well as other key times, instructors can strengthen their footprint in the local community and attract new families.

We have seen many former teachers, who are now Kumon Instructors, have great success due to their relationships throughout the local community. Instructors are not required to have a teaching background but becoming a Kumon franchise owner is a natural fit for many looking to leave the traditional world of education and pursue business ownership. A Kumon franchise combines what educators love about teaching – the ability to make a difference in the lives of students – with the freedom and autonomy of owning their own business.

One key difference for classroom teachers is that, as a Kumon Instructor, your year-round efforts will lead to year-round revenue. This is especially appealing to teachers, as many of them do not get paychecks during the summer months, and some look for second jobs to help offset the summer squeeze.

Kumon is experiencing constant and sustained growth. In this season of the Great Resignation, many individuals are looking for careers with more independence and better work-life balance. Kumon offers that to its franchise owners, along with the training and support to help ensure entrepreneurial success.

About Kumon Franchise

In business for over 60 years, Kumon is consistently ranked #1 in the education category by Entrepreneur magazine and this year, Kumon was ranked #6 in the Top Ten of the entire Franchise 500® list. Investment starts at less than $65,000 and Kumon offers up to $34,000 in incentives—veterans may qualify for an extra $10,000 bonus. Opening a Kumon Franchise is ideal for individuals with a passion for education and for helping kids. See if Kumon Franchise is right for you.

About Kumon Math & Reading Centers:

For kids from pre-K to high school, Kumon is a math and reading academic enrichment program that goes well beyond traditional tutoring, unlocking the potential of children to achieve more. Through daily practice, the individualized approach helps children develop strong math, reading, writing, and grammar skills. Students develop confidence, increase focus, and improve study habits. Kumon Instructors guide kids through their individual curriculums, helping them set and achieve goals.