Meet Our Franchisees

We’ve asked our franchisees to share with you some of their first hand experiences as Kumon franchise owners. You’ll hear how Kumon has positively affected their lives and the lives of the families they serve.


Cristina was a military spouse whose family moved frequently, creating gaps in her son’s learning. After enrolling him in Kumon, she saw him catch up and eventually, surpass his peers. But when the family moved one last time, Cristina found no Kumon location nearby. So she opened her own center. Cristina takes pride in sharing the benefits of Kumon with her community and society.


Greg toiled for years in corporate America, “staring at a monitor pretty much all day,” But he always imagined owning a business that truly made a difference for others. A love for kids led him to Kumon, where Greg’s tremendous success is proof that no prior teaching experience is required.


A devoted parent and former teacher, Charlotte yearned for a challenging career that would give her the flexibility to create her own schedule. She was able to turn her passion for kids and education into a long and uniquely satisfying career as a Kumon business owner, where she finds every day different, challenging and rewarding.


As a principal in a Chinese school in the US, Sharon was driven by her love of children and education. So when she learned about Kumon and wanted to serve her students better, she opened her own center. After 26 years, she’s grown from 8 kids to 250, propelled countless kids to Ivy League schools, and enjoyed personal freedom and financial success.


Hannah opened her own Kumon Center at the age of 23. Becoming a small business owner at a young age has been such a rewarding experience. As a former student, she loves watching her own students grow and overcome obstacles with Kumon, as she has done in her own life.


Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Craig turned his passion for helping students into a successful business.


With an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for education, Hina discovered a rewarding career.