Kumon Unites Young Innovators at 3rd Annual Student Conference

56 Students Beat Immeasurable Odds after Being Selected for Event Designed to Foster Critical Thinking and Creativity

– Millions of students across the world have taken part in the Kumon Program since its founding over 60 years ago. This year, 56 accomplished students across North America defied incredible odds and were selected to attend this year’s Kumon Student Conference. The third annual event will take place in Chicago, Illinois on July 10th, and aims to bring together some of the brightest of our next generation of future leaders.

The day-long conference includes a series of unique activities designed to showcase many areas of the students’ intelligence. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from each other through a variety of enjoyable learning activities designed to foster team building, group discussion, critical thinking, and creativity. In this unique learning environment, students will also hear from inspirational former Kumon Students who have completed the Kumon Program, some of whom are now successful professionals.

“Kumon’s founder, Toru Kumon, was firm in his belief that the most effective learning occurs with special attention to determine to each student’s ‘just-right’ level of ability and speed,” said Sung Park, vice president of materials development and instruction at Kumon North America, Inc. “We see proof of this every day as Kumon students advance into high level math and reading, regardless of their grade. This conference serves as a testament to Toru Kumon’s method, as we witness each of the selected students aspiring to reach their full potential.”

Over 75 percent of the students selected to attend the 2019 Kumon Student Conference have already studied advanced algebra and high-school level reading before the end of sixth grade, otherwise known as achieving “J by 6” in the Kumon Math Program and Kumon Reading Program. This speaks to Kumon’s goal of helping children study well beyond grade level.

The invited students’ dedication to unlocking their full potential shows, and not only inside of the classroom. Outside of their studies, their lists of extracurricular achievements are a sight to behold.

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About Kumon Math & Reading Centers:

Kumon is an after-school enrichment program that encompasses an individualized approach to help children develop a solid foundation of math and reading skills. The Method’s commitment to each student’s personalized plan and pace has resulted in millions of students studying years ahead of their grade level. Kumon currently has nearly 25,000 learning centers in operation across 52 countries and continues to expand.