Former Kumon Assistant Achieves Her Dream of Becoming a Kumon Center Owner

Kumon of Visalia Opens Under Former Center Assistant’s Leadership

Tamryn Tanimoto

– Tamryn Tanimoto had always planned on making math a large part of her career. Upon completing her master’s degree, she had intent to become a math teacher when she started working as a center assistant for Kumon of Anaheim Hills. Working at the center was an experience that not only introduced Tamryn to many meaningful relationships with local Kumon families, but also opened her eyes to the real academic progress that was made in the building. Something that stuck with Tamryn is observing the progress of two students that entered the Anaheim Hills center at the age of three. Upon enrollment, they were unable to simply read the sounds of letters. Unbelievably, a year later, they were piecing sentences together. This observation was the catalyst for Tamryn to inquire on how to become a Kumon Franchisee. Now, she is the proud owner and instructor of Kumon Math and Reading Center of Visalia.

“I have seen the Kumon Method in action first-hand and its meaningful impact on the Anaheim Hills community,” said Tamryn Tanimoto, Owner of Kumon Math and Reading Center of Visalia. “I look forward to making the same difference in the Visalia community, and hope to be the go-to supplemental education provider for local families.”

When Tamryn made the decision to reach out for more information on how to transition from a center assistant to an owner, she received the necessary support that made the jump smooth and seamless, as start-up cost assistance is available up to $31,000. Kumon Franchisees must have a four-year college degree, be proficient in math and reading, have investment capital of $70,000 and a net worth of at least $150,000.

Kumon is an after-school math and reading enrichment program that unlocks the potential of children, so they can achieve more on their own. Kumon’s goal is to instill qualities in each student that focus around self-teaching, academic independence, and confidence. Many Kumon students are studying well above grade level through the program, which consists of daily worksheet study. Learn more about how many students unlock their full potential through the Kumon Method today.

“I’m excited to begin creating independent learners within the Visalia community,” said Tanimoto. “Instead of families referring to the center as ‘The Visalia Center’, I hope to create the connection that turns it into ‘Ms. Tamryn’s Center.’”

About Kumon Math & Reading Centers:

As a comprehensive program, Kumon serves children in preschool through high school. The learning method uses an individualized approach that helps children develop a solid command of math and reading skills. Through daily practice and mastery of materials, students increase confidence, improve concentration, and develop better study skills.

About the Kumon Franchise Business

Kumon is an ideal small business for professionals. Kumon Franchisees must have a four-year college degree, be proficient in math and reading, have investment capital of $70,000 and a net worth of at least $150,000. Founded in 1958, Kumon has over four million students enrolled at nearly 25,000 learning centers in 55 countries and regions.