Kumon Parent Turned Center Owner Draws Inspiration from Son’s Growth

Kumon of Lone Tree Opens with Hopes to Grow Community Personally and Academically

Anil Kini

– Anil Kini is a perfectionist. A career in IT that spanned over two decades afforded him the opportunity to see many parts of the world, all while engaging with many different cultures and nationalities. Despite this, Anil never felt completely fulfilled, and that the only path to reaching his true, perfect potential was entrepreneurship. He drew inspiration daily from his 12-year-old son, Aariv, who at the time, was several years into his journey of growth though the Kumon Math and Reading Programs. When Anil reached a place in his career where he was ready to become his own boss, he immediately was drawn to becoming a Kumon Franchisee after witnessing his son’s progress and his life-long passion for mathematics. Now, Mr. Kini is the proud owner of Kumon of Lone Tree, where his son will be transferred and is hoping to soon become the center’s first program completer.

“I fell in love with Kumon after seeing my son Aariv's personal and academic growth,” said Anil Kini, owner and Instructor of Kumon of Lone Tree. “I witnessed firsthand how the Kumon Method fosters a love for learning, helps to develop aptitude, communication skills, discipline, a strong work ethic and self-confidence, along with helping students advance academically and personally.”

Anil Kini Anil believes the biggest gift of Kumon for his family was the self-learning ability he saw his son adapt. Kumon is an after-school math and reading enrichment program that unlocks the potential of children, so they can achieve more on their own. The learning program focuses on instilling qualities of academic independence, confidence, and the ability to study beyond grade level in students, which many end up succeeding in. Anil attests to the fact that although the program is centered around math and reading, it is much more than that, often fostering personal growth that affects other aspects of a student’s life. Learn more about the Kumon Method today.

“I am very passionate about making a difference in our communities,” said Kini. “What better way to achieve that then helping children in their academic growth and laying their foundation for success at an early age through Kumon?”

About the Kumon Franchise Business

Kumon is an ideal small business for professionals. Kumon Franchisees must have a four-year college degree, be proficient in math and reading, have investment capital of $70,000 and a net worth of at least $150,000. Along with opening a center comes start-up cost assistance up to $31,000 and a large network of support. Founded in 1958, Kumon has over four million students enrolled at 25,000 learning centers in 52 countries and regions. Learn more about becoming a part of the Kumon family today.