Former Assistant Principal Pledges to Make Learning Meaningful

Kumon of Tomball – South to Help Local Youth Reach Full Potential

Ayisha Warfa

– Ayisha Warfa has been a life-long educator. As a former teacher and assistant principal, making learning meaningful and fun for young minds has always been a passion. When she witnessed her two daughters excelling academically through the Kumon Math and Reading Program, it sparked an idea to give back to the youth within her community in a new way. Ayisha noticed a significant increase in confidence in both of her children – especially in one of her daughters, who had never enjoyed math previously. Over ten years later, her older daughter has graduated high school with a full scholarship to college in the fall, with her younger daughter expected to do the same next year. The enthusiasm for self-learning she saw in her daughters was something Ayisha felt the need to spread. She is now successfully doing so as the proud owner and Instructor of Kumon of Tomball – South.

“Having the foundation of Kumon was undoubtedly a factor in both of my daughters placing at the top of their class, year after year,” said Ayisha Warfa, owner of Kumon of Tomball - South. “I want the same success for my students – and with Kumon’s individualized program, each child’s ‘just-right’ learning level will be reached in a way to make that possible.”

Ayisha wanted to spread the academic independence and success that her daughters achieved to the Tomball community, which led her to investigate how to open her own Kumon Center. Upon reaching out for more information on how to become a Kumon Franchisee, she was met with extensive support. Kumon offers up to $31,000 in start-up cost assistance to new franchisees, which allows many aspiring entrepreneurs to reach their goals.

Kumon is a supplemental, individualized education program that aims to unlock students’ full potential by increasing academic independence, confidence, and study skills. Through daily worksheet study, students that are enrolled in Kumon often end up mastering material far beyond grade level, just like Ayisha’s daughters did. Learn more about the Kumon Method today.

“My hope is to foster a positive environment that promotes self-learning and accelerated education in students,” said Ayisha Warfa, owner of Kumon of Tomball - South. “I truly believe in Kumon and think it’s an amazing way to bring selfstarters into the Tomball community and the rest of the world.”

About Kumon Math & Reading Centers:

Kumon is an after-school math and reading enrichment program that unlocks the potential of children, so they can achieve more on their own. As a comprehensive program, Kumon serves children in preschool through high school. The learning method uses an individualized approach that helps children develop a solid command of math and reading skills. Through daily practice and mastery of materials, students increase confidence, improve concentration, and develop better study skills.

About the Kumon Franchise Business

Kumon is an ideal small business for professionals. Kumon Franchisees must have a four-year college degree, be proficient in math and reading, have investment capital of $70,000 and a net worth of at least $150,000. Founded in 1958, Kumon has over four million students enrolled at nearly 25,000 learning centers in 55 countries and regions.