How to Integrate Your Knowledge in Education with Opening a Business

Raquel Macleod

Raquel Macleod’s extensive education background as an elementary teacher was a benefit when she decided to become a Kumon Instructor.

She already had more than a decade of experience as an elementary teacher in the Austin area. But the journey to getting to this point was a lesson on how to integrate your knowledge in education with opening a business.

Macleod is now the owner and Instructor of Kumon of Austin – Mueller, and is excited to get to work instilling academic confidence and independence in local students.

“When the opportunity came for me to integrate my knowledge in education with opening my own business, I didn’t think twice,” said Raquel Macleod, owner and Instructor of Kumon of Austin – Mueller. “My passion for teaching, belief in the Kumon Method, and a desire to help and to be more involved in my community were all factors in making this new venture a reality.”

Although she spent much of her career in the public school system, Macleod’s shift to the after-school enrichment program was far from sudden. She has been familiar with the Kumon Math and Reading Program for years and has seen the learning method’s results in many children of family and friends.

Becoming a Kumon Franchisee is an attractive business opportunity for entrepreneurial individuals with a passion for education who are looking for their next step. Up to $36,400 in startup cost assistance is available to further assist new Instructors, along with an extensive network of support.

Kumon is a supplemental education program that aims to unlock students’ full potential by increasing academic independence, confidence, and study skills. Through daily worksheet study, students enrolled in Kumon often end up mastering material far beyond grade level. 

“What I love most about Kumon is that it helps children of all ages to reach their highest potential – going above and beyond what they ever thought was academically possible,” said Macleod. “I aim to empower students in this neighborhood and surrounding areas to believe in themselves and their abilities while learning to solve their own problems and achieve greatness.”